Unleash the power within to create life changing moments in your life and your animal's life.

Animal Communication
Have a deeper connection with and an understanding of your best friends, your pets.
Medium Reading
Connecting People With Their Loved Ones on the Other Side.
Lost/Missing Animals
Helps Locate Missing Pets.

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life or your pet's life?

I'll teach you balancing the needs of your life & your relationship with your pets.

Little about myself »

Hi! I’m Meredith...

I am a professional animal communicator, psychic, medium, Reiki healer, teacher, public speaker and a writer.

I grew up in Southern California and have always been an animal lover. I have had several dogs, a bird, a cat, and a few horses growing up. I was an avid equestrian from the age of 11 years old. I rode at a hunter-jumper show barn and competed in many horse shows as a teen. After my teenage years, I was a groom on the horse show circuit for awhile until I decided to go back to college for graphic design.

As a child, animals were my confidants, my best friends. Even though I communicated with animals as a child, as an adult I had shut my ability off. In 2003, I rediscovered my ability to communicate with animals and spirits during a traumatic time in my life. Being able to communicate with animals and spirits is important to me because they have helped me heal throughout my life.


More About Me...

Animal Communication/Medium Reading
It’s incredible! I highly recommend Meredith to anyone even considering this. She’s the BEST!
~Tina Kracke, Tiburon, CA


  • My adventures of living in Sedona ended on May 25th as Muscle Movers (I highly recommend them, https://muscle-movers.com) and I loaded up all of my belongings onto a UHaul 15' truck and moved me down to Phoenix. Before any of you say anything about the heat in Phoenix, if I can handle Texas heat for two summers, I can handle the heat in Phoenix, AZ.
My landlord in Sedona had given me notice to move out of the casita I was renting on May 1st, as she wanted to turn it into an Airbnb vacation rental. I landed at a friend's property in Camelback East Village area where she luckily had a 1 bdrm, 1 bath cozy bungalow open for rent, that comes with  several cats living on the property too! I am very grateful to her for being there for me and my animals when we needed a place to go on short notice.
There are more opportunities for me and more to do in Phoenix. I am close to my favorite stores; Sprouts, Trader Joe's, Kohl's and there is a Barnes and Noble within 20 min from me! I know that isn't a big deal to some of you, but living in Sedona, I had to travel about an hour to go to Sprouts or 1-1/2 hours to get to Trader Joe's. I like being back in the city.
The friendships and connections that I made in Sedona I am very grateful for and I will cherish them for a lifetime. I miss those friends very much, but they are only a 2 hour drive away. <3
My fur family and I are safe and happy! A blog post about my experiences in Sedona are coming soon. ❤️🏡🌞🦎🌵🌻
  • Things in my world are shifting in a major way and have been shaken up. I was feeling anxious and scared because of the next step that I am about to take in my life, but I know that I am okay and things are working out for my best and highest good. 
I heard "Let Your Sparkle Shine!" in my head. Thank you Spirit team! I know there is someone else that needed to see this too. <3
  • Whether you’re a mom,
you’re a single mom,
you’re a birthmother who placed your child for adoption,
you are an adoptive mom,
you’re a stepmom,
you had a miscarriage,
you had a stillborn child,
you lost your child and they are in heaven,
you are a foster mom,
you are a mom to your fur kids,
you are a second mom to your children's friends,
you’re a friend who is looking after your friend’s children because she is in heaven,
you’re an aunt who helped raise your nieces and nephews,
you’re a grandmother who helped raised your grandchildren,
you’re a single father who raised your children without their mom,
I honor you today and everyday as a Mom and I wish you all a blessed and Happy Mother’s Day.
Wishing all those women in Spirit a Happy Mother’s Day too. ❤️